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Geisei Living:

I live in an older two-story half house. The other half is used for storage by the landlords/neighbors. The walls are thin, but the toilet is western, so it's really not that bad.

I have a washer and dryer, which is fairly rare in Japan. (They like to line dry.) One of my pet peeves is clothing that hasn't properly dried yet, so I love my little dryer very much- even while I'm cursing it for taking 4 hours to dry a medium sized load of light cottons.

The street is fairly quiet, except for the weekends when, invariably, some ladies decide to chat in the street. The walls being woefully thin, I generally wake up to the sounds of their gossip and laughter. The street is a little wider right next to my house, so it's a nice little parking place for my car.

I don't think that the landlords were going to mention this nice little place to park, especially as it was perpetually full, but my awful parking skills further down in the more narrow section of the street left my big blue car taking up too much of the street. A hazard perhaps, but it got me my space, so... yay!

After I moved in, I met many extremely large spiders. I don't particularly like spiders, but these being too big to step on, I took to using a spray bottle to "shoo" away my unwanted houseguests.

The huge roaches came next. Roaches are ICKY. Huge roaches are just... dreadful. Fortunately, most of the ones I saw were in the sink or tub, and (creating lots of bad karma here, I know) drowned easily.

The potentially poisonous centipedes also drowned easily and/or got squished.

The mouse was really cute. Unfortunately, he gnawed on way too much stuff, and ruined a cushion couch cover and a light futon cover. Stupid crazy rodent. Still, I liked him. Much cuter than the spiders.

The snake was... a bit of a shock, especially as I had accidentally found him when I lifted a blanket on my living room floor. I used a fly swatter to shoo him toward the door. I don't think he was poisonous, but I didn't want to get too close either way.

The other interesting creatures all stay outside. The little frogs are cool, except when I notice them on the outside of my car... while I'm driving down the highway. :/ I hope that last one survived! I don't want bad froggie karma too.

You can read more about my winter here, and about some of my fruit adventures here. Or, you can use the numbered links just below this:

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